Trophies are accessed by the TrophyClient.
Game Jolt Trophy Documentation

Fetching Trophies

Fetching trophies allows you to retrieve a list of Trophies for your game and provides the option to filter them by ID and achievement status.

You may use the TrophyClients FetchTrophies call to begin an asynchronous call to Fetch a list of trophies. When this call has completed, it will call one of either the OnFetchComplete or OnFetchError events.

On a successful call, you will receive a List of Trophies inside the OnFetchComplete event.

Achieving Trophies

Achieving trophies allows you to control when a player unlocks a Trophy. In order to unlock a trophy you must have the trophies ID.

You can use the TrophyClients AchieveTrophy call to begin an asynchronous call to Award the Trophy. When the call has been completed, you will be notified by either the OnAchievementComplete or OnAchievementError events.

The OnAchievementComplete Event has no useful arguments attached to it, as it simply marks success. However, the OnAchievementError event sends the error as the sender of the event. This allows you to read the error and take additional action should you wish.

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